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  2. Schmakauka

    Starter Muun egg can not be opened

    Fixed thank you.,.
  3. Did my first BC in the game.,. While clearing way to the gate came across weird bug (Multiple) 1st Some of Skeleton soldiers that respawned were notified in chat that they are respwning, so that spammed my chat window to sky high. 2nd Those Skeleton Soldiers that respawned appeared with a bubbe shield that was inpenetrable.,. 3rd if 4 or more Skeletons with that shield encircle you you can not move away from them and adwance your BC 4th after theyr Blue bubble shield dissapeared they were still imune to dmg for about Half a minute to whole minute P.S. this is all the bugs i encountered with Monsters in my first BC attempt.,.
  4. Finnished my First BC today.,. Isnt that supposeed to give us Angelic weapon or some Jewel as reward? Not even Ruud box came to Gramory catche.,. Or am i overthinking it, and there is slim chance to get any reward in BC? WEll at least XP is Good
  5. Greetings! When you start your new Character, you recieve a Muun egg as a gift, It appears this gift is meant for you to just LOOK AT.,. You can not right click it to hatch your gifted Muun.,. System drops you a warning "You can not use this bag" "Unable to use"
  6. Greetings! In Box of Mirracle exchange shop in Elbeland if you try to click on Jewel of Soul exchange, the game starts to rotate for your loot prize and never stops.,. It slowed down after a few seconds, but it is still rotating and rotating for 5 minutes already.,. Restarted the game, same thing, it starts rotate and you cant even exit the shop. need to Alt+F4
  7. Greetings! Just created my first character in game.,. Opened gift for beginner Pentagram, but it seems all my Errtel each take 2x2 space.,. And i cant insert my beginer Ertel into my Beginner Pentagram.,. Is it supposed to be so?
  8. zivs1

    rune mage maces

    where are all the high lvl rune maces? are there none in the game?
  9. the multi shot orb does not learn it being a muse elf and the sum book is equipped but the skil does not appear in the skils menu not to mention that the server seems empty (I am using a translator a greeting from Spain)
  10. Szczecin

    feedbacks about Arkan Bloodlines

    I do not know how I understood that I did not understand anything the Administrator asked for. So this time I am correcting and starting this story ..;) I would write a description of Arkan Bloodlines beforehand. When I came across www.bloodlines.mu on my first day I was sure something was stuck there. So I refreshed the page several times, believing that no homepage with a private Muonlines server is possible to be fully launched in just 2-3 seconds. And after reading the server settings and the description that: ,, here you have to work hard to achieve something. I asked myself: Is it true that I have finally found a server that will eventually replace WebZen for me. Don't worry that one day it will just disappear ..? Many people have tried their hand at it, but unfortunately, over time, almost everyone has realized that it is not such a request. You finally discover the truth that you are creating such a world on your own terms. It's very hard work that takes a lot of private time. I remember myself sitting at the computer, after three hours I heard a woman's voice from behind my back: - Maybe you can finish today. You sit and play for 3 hours. At first, I wanted to strongly deny that this is not true. But I smiled to myself thinking that was one of the reasons I love the game. When, in fact, for 3 hours I did not move my character further than to the "first gate" from Devias's deposit, because from time to time someone asked about something, whether he wanted to tell about something, or show what he had bought or found a new one. So sometimes the game is played in such a way that it is not played. And the game continues;) C.D.N .. Ps. I wonder if you foresaw those characters standing in town with the description "MAX LV" it was supposed to be long and hard ... Hmm. interesting... By running a MU world like this one can earn a lot of money. This game has a very big advantage, which is also its curse. But you probably know what I mean ..;) Regards.
  11. Hayabusa

    Win CC+2

    You will get Jewels + Ruud Box Ruud Box will be added to your Grecemory Case, you can access it by pressing "K" while in-game
  12. Hayabusa


    Event Day: Every Wednesday Event Time: 22:00 (Server Time) Event Map: Crywolf (can be access using M warp list) Monsters: Guides: 1st)Player will need an Elf to Make a Contract to Wolf Altar for protection Min. 1 Elf for Event to start *If all Elf are PK'ed or Defeated by monster, event will end. 2nd)Players will then have to Eliminate 12x DarkElf and Clear the armies that are roaming around the Map of Crywolf *During this Event normal Spots monster will be removed 3rd) Balgass will March down to Wolf Altar after all Armies are defeated (Where the elf has made a Contract) 4th) Rewards and Penalty Dark Elf per Kill: 10,000 Ruud Balgass per Kill: 1,000 Wcoins Success of Defending Crywolf: -Chaos Machine rate+5% -Monster HP - 10% -KundunHPRefill-Blocked Failure of Defending Crywolf: -Jewel drop decreased 10% -Exp decreased 10%
  13. Hayabusa

    [Drop] Boss

    Name: Nightmare, Left Maya Hand, Right Maya Hand Location: Kanturu Remain (Entering Portal with Moonstone of Maya Event) Respawn Time: 6-Hours after last Event ended Drops: -Excellent Weapons -Jewels -Gemstone Name: Erohim Location: Land of Trials (Castle Lord control entrance to this map) Respawn Time: 6-Hours after last kill Drop: -Excellent Top Tier Items Name: Kundun Location: Kalima7 (Using Lostmap+7) Respawn Time: 3-Hours after last kill Drops: -Ancient Items -380 Set/Weapons -Muun Pet of Kundun Name: Selupan Location: Raklion (Entering the portal at the ends of Raklion) Respawn Time: 12-Hours after last Event Drops: -Socket Set up to 4 Sockets -Excellent High Tier items -Muun Pet of Selupan Name: Medusa Location: Swamp of Clamness (Medusa will spawn in any 4 portals) Respawn Time: Every 3-Hours After last kill Drops: -Jewels -Gold Key -Medusa Muun Pet Name: Lord Silvester Location: Uruk Mountain (Entrance in Acheron) Respawn Time: 6-Hours after last kill Drops: -Socket Items -Pentagram Name: Magriffy Core Location: Nars (Entrance in Acheron) Respawn Time: 6-Hours after last kill Drops: -Excellent Full Options Bloodangel Set items -Muun pets -Pentagram Name: Lord of Ferea Location : Ferea Respawn Time: 3-Hours ~ 4-Hours after last successful Defeat *(If player dies during Boss fight event will restart within 5minutes) Drops: -Excellent 380 Weapons -Excellent 380 Set Items -Excellent Rings / Pendant -Pentagram -Jewels -Muun Pets Name: Nix Location: Nixies Lake (Entrance of Boss zone will require Nixie Shard stone to entrance, can be purchased in Ruud Shop-Jame Priest) Respawn Time: 12-Hours after last kill Drops: -Excellent Darkangel Weapons -Excellent 380 Weapons -Excellent Archangel Weapons -Excellent Rings / Pendant -4th Wings Materials -High Tier Pentagram -Jewels -Muun Pets Name: God of Darkness Location: Swamp of Darkness (You will need to find the portal Near Water / Fire Elemental Zones) Respawn Time: 12-Hours after last kill Drop: -Excellent Holyangel Weapons -Excellent 380 Weapons -Excellent Archangel Weapons -Excellent Rings / Pendant -4th Wings Materials -High Tier Pentagram -Jewels -Muun Pets
  14. Szczecin

    Win CC+2

    I am asking for deletion of this topic, because there is only rubbish here and it does not contribute to the game: ThX
  15. Szczecin

    Long long time ago...

    .. 4 months later ..... Somehow lately, there hasn't even been time to get a new client. So that I can be and enjoy this magical world. And from what I can see, my intuition didn't fool me. and after 20 years of playing MU (off and on of course) I finally found a private server that the people on the other side know very well. What to do.. How to do it to make money on it 😉 (it rhymed nicely in Polish) Many people have already tried. Especially when webzen introduced a "coin" into the game. Of course, you can make money on it, but contrary to appearances, it is not that easy. And I believe very few people realized the basic pros and cons of this game. There is one and the same fact .................... And what convinced me the most that for the first time since the beginning of playing Mu, I do not miss Wige and Meya? Exp. x1 home page which opens in 2 seconds. in addition, it is nicely done Ps. Yes, I felt that there were going to be changes to the interface. But I only bet in Lorenci. And here is such a bonus. and you even did it very well. Regards and ...... CDN
  16. Szczecin

    feedbacks about Arkan Bloodlines

    Can you please write this request differently as I don't think I understand what you mean.
  17. Szczecin

    Golden/Silver Boxes.

    It actually works :) So I have a question .. What is this? When you don't know what it is for. And it is not written what is it called? 😉
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