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  3. Hayabusa

    Update 20/9/2021

    *Update* -Fixed Summoner Skill Tree Berserker Skill not able to add Points above 10 -Update Shop Added New Items on "Events": -Karat's Colossus Hellplague Blade -Wings of Conqeuor -Dark Transformation Rings **Please Run Launcher for Auto-Update
  4. Hayabusa

    Update 19/9/2021

    *Update* -Boss Drop Limit level increased to Maximum levels -Fixed Red Box Dropping Arrow/Bolt -Dark Wizard Damage Reduced -Magic Gladiator Magic Damage Increased -Magic Gladiator Strength Damage Decreased -Dark Lord Damage Increased -Rage Fighter DarkSide Skill Damage Increased -Rage Fighter Dragon Roar Skill Damage Increased -Rage Fighter Spirit Hook Damage Increased -Ghost Horse renamed to Phantasmal Steed -Ice Dragon rename to Guardian Ice Dragon -Ice Dragon (Rare) to Guardian Ice Dragon (Rare) -Hunting Record now enabled in BloodCastle/Chaos Castle/Devil Square -Cash Shop Moss Weapons all are now +0+16+Luck+Full Excellent Options -Socket Weapons Left & Right Limit increased to 10 Sockets in Total -Repair Price Lowered -Fixed Exp in PvP Server -News System remove some info -Purple Boxes now drop from Swamp of Darkness Map and Higher -Added Missing New Loading Screen **Please Run Launcher for Auto-Update
  5. The Last Double Coin Event of 2021
  6. Hayabusa

    Update 16/09/2021

    *Update* -Increased Red/Green/Purple Box drop on lower maps -Increased Gold Medal drop on lower maps -Increased Gold/Silver key drops -Fixed Lorencia skeleton spot, wrong coordinates and did not respawn -Item looting of opposite player drop time has been removed -Removed Bloodangel Lance drops in raklion -Ferea Boss Update sealed item removed -Chaos Machine Mix % Adjusted to as Displayed -Fixed Rune Sphinix Dropping in Abyss Atlans 1,2,3 not able to sell -Fixed Selling price to NPC -Fixed Description of (Energy) Mastery Set for Elf -Enabled 2.5 Wings Materials to be sold to NPC -CashShop Wings Category Removed and item Shifted to Wcoins-Wings Level 3 -CashShop added Category ArkanShop-Moss -CashShop Expansion Inventory/Vault is now 0 Coins -Cash Shop Event Tab - Coming Soon -Cash Shop Goblin Points Tab - Coming Soon **Please Run Launcher for updates and Changes
  7. Hayabusa

    Update 13/09/2021

    *Update* -4th Class Damage Adjustments for all Class in PvM -Respawn after player Death in Arenil Temple Fixed -Nix Crystal Stone Elemental Defense Lowered -Lord Devil Fairy Elemental Defense Lorwered -Lord Elemental Beast Elemental Defense Lorwered -Lord Elemental Knight Elemental Defense Lorwered -Selupan Boss Drop remove Exc 380 Weapons -Selupan Boss Drop now drops up to 7 Items -Talisman Drop Rate Increased in Raklion-Dark Iron Knight -Jewel of Luck Drop Rate Increased in Kanturu 3-Warrior Genocider/Warrior Berserker -Correction of Exp Non-PvP (30% Less) / PvP Servers -Ruud Shop Chicken Duration is now 30Days for 75,000 Ruud -Muun Pet Options now works everyday -Muun Pet Description Editted -Some item Description Adjustments -Slayer Damage on Skill Sword Inertia / Piercing increased -Medusa Drop of Jewel now has Chances to get (x10) (x20) (x30) -BloodAngel Charm Fragement added to drop in Ferea Map -DarkAngel Charm Fragement added to drop in Nixie Lake Map -HolyAngel Charm Fragement added to drop in Swamp of Darkness -Soul Charm Fragement added to drop in Cubera Mines -Blue Eye Charm Fragement added to drop in Scorched of Canyon -Silverheart Charm Fragement added to drop in Red Flame's Icarus -Manticore Charm Fragement added to drop in Arenil Temple -Jasper Necklace added to drop in Red Flame's Icarus -Jasper Necklace added to drop in Arenil Temple -Lapis Lazuli Necklace added to drop in Red Flame's Icarus -Lapis Lazuli Necklace added to drop in Arenil Temple -Battle Jasper Necklace added to drop in Red Flame's Icarus -Battle Jasper Necklace added to drop in Arenil Temple -Battle Lagoon Necklace added to drop in Red Flame's Icarus -Battle Lagoon Necklace added to drop in Arenil Temple -Great Golden Dragon reward now is Box of Kundun+5 (x5) -Golden Dragon reward is now Random Box of Kundun+ (x3) -Gold Key Drop rate increase 10% -Pentagram Punish disabled in PvP -Pentagram Blinding Effect now will last maximum 20 Seconds -Last Man Standing Event Fixed -Last Man Standing Event Reward is now (x10) Jewel of Soul -Guide Last Man Standing Event added in Forum Guides -PvP Damage of Class DW,DK,MG,DL,SUM,GL,RW,SL vs DL decreased -Elf PvM Damage Adjust and Increased -New Spots Added and mobs roaming -Added Red Box to Drop from In all Maps -Added Gold Medal to Drop from Lorencia to Deep Dungeon1 (Gold Medal drops low Tier items +7~+11) -Kundun Boss time now Respawn every 3hours -Kundun Spawn Event timer removed from Website, Kundun is now Respawn time +3Hours base on last kill -BloodCastle Event now is every 2hours -BlooCastle Event Timer of Website is now updated -BloodCastle General Drops adjust to level diffculty -BloodCastle Reward is now Ruud + Jewels Rewards -BloodCastle 5/6/7 now has 75% Chance of Kundun Appearing after 5minutes -BloodCastle Monster Exp has been adjusted -Ferea Boss zone Minion Spawn has been reduced -Lord of Ferea now will respawn every 3hours -Lord of Ferea now Drops Jewel Bless/Soul/Life (x30) -Lord of Ferea now will drop 4 Items -Lord Ferea Drop of Gun Crusher Class items removed -God of Darkness Damage and HP Reduced -Water Monster Damage and HP Reduced -Swamp Monster Damage and Hp Reduced -Swamp Pet Damage and HP Reduced -Chaos Castle reward now has Ancient items -Reward of Elemental Golden Golbin/Titan/Erohim/Hell Mein will give you Jewels / RedBox -Wind Soul Skill Damage Increased -Skill Innovation / Weaknss Formula adjusted -Added Cooldown for Radiance Skills (Paralyze, Bleeding, Binding) is now 60seconds -Sword Blow DK skill Effect Fixed -Item Drop Duration +5 Sec -New Elemental Damage forumla for All Class vs PvP/PvM -Deep Dungeon Gorgon Respawn time is now 5sec -New Cash Shop Starter Set Category -New Cash Shop Wings Category -New Arena Map Desgin -Repair price Reduced -New Notice In-Game Banner -New Loading Screen Image
  8. Karat

    Here comes the Admin ...

  9. Hayabusa

    Last Man Standing Event

    Visit Luke the Helper in Lorencia (145,140) -Registration Timer is on Website -Registration is Open for 15Minute before Auto Warp all player to PvP Zone -Event Duration is 15Minutes Requirements: -Level 10 Limit -1,000,000 Zen -Have to Register within Time Frame -Minimum 2 Players Registered to start the Event How to Play: -To Eliminate other player you have to kill them 2 times -Last Player Standing will receive Reward in Grecmory Case (K)
  10. thank you for report we will fix it .
  11. please report Here All The Bugs / error You found Best regards !
  12. Karat

    Wings of Conquer Rare Event !

    Topic !
  13. Karat

    W coins Event Double !

    topic ! contact admin after buying coins !
  14. Hello!! I just want to say, when I registered for said event, since it is PvP I did it with two different accounts xD. But when I started, I was literally teleported to nowhere, I couldn't move and the map was totally black. The truth is that I don't know enough about Mu to realize many feedbacks. I also tried to do the Devil Square and the Gaion events but I died instantly, I don't know if that's okay ... The Blood Castle +2 event I could complete it without problem (many potions of life) but I have a mission to destroy the door, but the mission is still not completed.
  15. Hi , My Name is Karat , Im The Game World Admin Of Arkan Bloodlines with 29-0 castle sieges in alfheim global webzen 1 win and 28 defends . now my home and land is Arkan Bloodlines .
  16. Attention!!14.09.2021 Red , Green , Purple boxs , Medals , Gold & Silver Keys ! Are Dropping from all monsters for 90 days era! Dont Forget to add them To Your Pick ups . Enjoy !
  17. Step 1 - buy x2 rudd boxx (from xshop) they will give you 100k rudd coins. Step 2 - Move yourself To Elbland Rudd NPC Step 3 - Buy The First Item Chiken Munn (click Y) - This munn will give you 30 days 24x20 dmg ! (pvp included) Now you Arnold Scwzenger . Enjoy !
  18. Hello brothers and girls we would like to hear your feedback about bloodlines Arkan Thank you & Best Regards !
  19. Hayabusa

    Update 31/08/2021

    *Update* -[PvP]All Class Damage Reduced by 50% in PvP (Further improvement will be done in coming days) -[PvM]Damage of all 4th Class Increased -[PvM]Boss Medusa HP Adjusted -[PvM]Boss Core Magriffy Core HP Adjusted -[PvM]Boss Silvester HP Adjusted -[PvM]Boss Ferea Crystal orb / Lord of Ferea / Ferea General HP adjusted -[PvM]Boss Nix Boss HP Adjusted -[PvM]Boss God of Darkness/God of Water / Swamp Monster HP Adjusted -[PvP/PvM]Punish Power limited damage to 250,000 -Lorencia Map Fix Monster to not enter safe zone -Lorencia Ring Fix Monster limited not to walk out safe zone -Elbeland Map 3D camera Disabled -Scorched Canyon Exp Adjustment vs Red Crimson -EXP System Remake [All map Exp has been adjust +/-] -Punish Errtel add info of 250,000 Damage Limit -[Cash Shop] Elite Transfer Skeleton Ring price Changed -[Cash Shop] Book of Kundun's Greed Price Changed -[Cash Shop] Mysterious Stone Removed -Mastery Mix Upggrade will now Keep Excellent/Ancient/Luck Options of your Item, Other options will be randomized -God of Darkness Boss Added Random Errtel to Drop -God of Darkness Golden Sentence now will drop stacks of 10 -Crimson Red Icarus adjust character after Dead to warp to Safe Zone in Same map -News System Added in-game for Hints & Tips -Carol's Windforce Bow Damage fixed -Server 4 PvP Server is now Online
  20. Hayabusa

    Update 27/08/2021

    Hot Fix -Mastery Unsealed Issue not give Ancient options after unseal -Mastery Upgrade not keeping Luck/Exc after Upgrade -Mastery Upgrade giving random +Mysterious Option upon Upgrade *Please note that Mastery Bonus Option will not be Kept upon Upgrade *Please note that Level of items will not be kept upon Upgrade *Please note that Option and Ancient Stats Bonus will be randomize upon Upgrade Good Luck have fun
  21. Hayabusa

    Update 26/08/2021

    *Update* -[PvM/PvP]All Class Damage Reduced on 4th Class -[General]Losttower Map fix missing monster -[General]New Lorencia Map -[General]Noria Map fixed glitches -[General]Added Mark on Minimap (TAB) for Scorched Canyon Entrance in Tarkan Map -[General]New Lorencia Theme Song -[General]Upgrade of Mastery Set with EXC options is now Kept after Next Tier Upgrading -[Boss]Lord of Ferea HP Increased -[Boss]Crystal Ball HP Increased -[Boss]Lord of General HP Increased -[Boss]Nix HP Increased -[Boss]God of Water HP Increased -[Boss]God of Darkness HP Increased -[Boss]Swamp Pet HP Increased -[Boss]Monster of Swamp HP Increased -[CashShop]Disabled Option for Eite Transfer Skeleton Ring of 1 day/7day -[CashShop]Master Seal of Wealth Price Updated -[CashShop]Seal of Healing Price Updated -[CashShop]Added Jewel of Luck in ArkanShop -[CashShop]Added Mysterious Stone in ArkanShop -[CashShop]Added Ancient Hero Soul in ArkanShop -[CashShop]Added Kundun's Greed in Arkan Shop -[CashShop]Added 4 Muun Pets Level 1 in Arkan Shop -
  22. Hayabusa

    Update 25/08/2021

    -Lower Rate of Addtional Damages (Yellow Damages) to 50% chance
  23. Hayabusa

    Update 25/08/2021

    *Update* -Scorched Canyon Monster HP increased by 40% -Crimson Flame Icarus Monster HP increased by 40% -Arenil Temple Monster HP increased by 40% -Elite Potions Fix limit to Stack up to 50 -Fixed Missing Elbeland NPC in Server 1,2,3,4,5
  24. Hayabusa

    Update 25/08/2021

    *HotFixes* -Seal of Healing Price Adjust in Cash Shop -Elemental Defense Swamp of Darkness Map reduced -Deep Dungeon Spot Deep Dungeon Gorgon Fixed -Remove Devil Crossbow Socket item from Sorched Canyon
  25. Hayabusa

    Update 25/08/2021

    *Update* -Ferea Boss Drop limited item of Sealed Bloodangel to 1 -Re-Adjustment of Monster Elemental Defenses -Fixed Punish Elemental Damage to Monster -Player vs Monster Elemental Damage Re-Adjusted *(Please note you will need Errtel to Kill on Higher Maps) -Fixed Book of Lagle / Book of BloodAngel / Book of DarkAngel/ Book of HolyAngel/ Book of Blue Eye / Book of Silverheart Not able to use on Certain Energy Stats -Added Talisman of Chaos Assemble in Dark Iron Knight (Raklion) with rare % -Oppsite Gens Vanert / Duprian can now Enter Alliance of Guild / Members of Guild -Ferea boss Drop Re-Adjust to Drop sealed BA/Penta regardless of Class type -Cash Shop Kalima Ticket Price is Now 100Wcoins -Cash Shop Blood Castle Ticket Price is now 100Wcoins -Cash Shop Devil Square Ticket Price is now 100Wcoins -Cash Shop Talisman of Chaos Assembly Price is now 500 Wcoins -Cash Shop Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly Price is 500 Wcoins -Cash Shop New Category Added all Class Divine Archangel Weapons with Options for Wcoins -Cash Shop Seal of Healing Price Adjusted -Cash Shop Added Ruud Box 50,000 -Cash Shop Added Expansion Radiance Slot item -Cash Shop Fixed Description of Blessing Spirit -Cash Shop Added Elite Skeleton Ring -Gold Box Now has 50% Chance to give 1,000 Ruud -Raklion Dark Iron Knight now drops Talisman of Chaos Assembly -Added 10 Goblin Points per Hour -Ancient Set + Harmony is now Disabled -Item Pick Notification is now Disabled -Max Jewel of Life is now +16 -Newspaper Remove from Website -Summoner Skill Death Scyther / Fire Beast / Aqua Beast damage has been reduced
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