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  1. Ross


    Up. Buying Ancient set for Ref/ Offering other sets/Bless/Wcoins.
  2. Ross

    Why is Zen worth nothing ..!?

    This problem will be sloved, And the admin will take a look around it as see whats going to be changed.
  3. Ross

    Why is Zen worth nothing ..!?

    The amount of zen lost when killed is alot as it is... theres no point on increasing the fee. and also the fee of the Helper, atm the helper take a nice amout, also the repair cost, and dying cost. so this is balanced.
  4. Ross


    UP. Buying Level 3 Summoner Wings +Luck+2OPT. Selling alot of wings/capes for chars, some with awesome OPT and some without PM if needed.
  5. Awesome update thank you 🙂 just the period time of doing the quest is kind of slow, what i mean is you probably can do 1 quest daily but we need more information on when we can start the quests because alot of people working/and afk most of the day for leveling, so it would be nice to have a time zone on which we can request a quest from one of these bosses, like we have medusa/kundun/BC/CC ect'. but over all this is a great update and nice thing for the game overall wish we had more of these kind of quests in the future.
  6. Ross

    Event ! wcoin attack June !

    Thank you for the quick update about the new event 🙂
  7. Hello there dear devs. I found a new bug and it appears to be a low one but still is a bug. first of all the when you acquire the Silver/Gold-Boxes/Key, and then drop them on the floor after fusing them in the goblin machine the only drop you get from the : Silver one is ''500k Zen'' and some potions for increasing Health or Mana. As for the : Gold box you get the following items ''1mil Zen'' potions for increasing health and mana and the only rare drops are the'' Bolts'' going from lower to greater, the chance to get them are really low, and they are the only thing you can obtain from the golden boxes, i have made around 50 silver and 50 golden ones. if so or just remove the ''Keys/Boxes'' out of the x-Shop cause they are not worth it, and you can easily obtain them thru killing some monsters, or just add some more good drops at least for the golden boxes, because they are rare then the silver ones. this is something up for the Admin to decide and the devs to help him, Thank you very much for the time, yours Sincerely Ross.
  8. Ross

    Long long time ago...

    oh I got it sorry for the assumption because i didnt really understand what you wrote thru google translate.. have a nice day brother 🙂
  9. Ross

    Long long time ago...

    I don't get what are you trying to say.. if you have something bad to say about someone this is not the place to even start a conversation about it. second of if you have a problem of some sort you can re-create your post on the GM's section so they can see the problem and see if its possible to solve/or not. third of i kind of see some words that are trying to shame the administrator, Idk what kind of problem you have with him, and dont really care, but you need to understand one thing which is this is not the place to put your complain. if you don't have anything good to say, and you want to start something that can bring a dispute with some of the Managing members then I can only tell you that would not work to your favour, Read what i wrote carefully, and think about it. Have a great day/evening/night. Yours Sincerely , Ross.
  10. Ross

    Lucky Drops

    Nice drop man keep it up 🙂
  11. Ross


    Selling: Sets: Excellent Dark Phoenix Helm+15+Luck+Life Opt4+10%Def Excellent Dark Phoenix Armor+15+Luck+Life Opt16+10%Def Excellent Dark Phoenix Gloves+15+Luck+Life Opt12+4%Mana Excellent Dark Phoenix Pants+15+Luck+Life Opt4+10%Def Excellent Dark Phoenix Boots+15+Luck+Life Opt4+4%Mana (Selling whole Offer Me.) Items: Excellent Conmocion Lance+14+Skill+Luck+Dmg Opt4+Obtain Mana Excellent Arrow Viper Bow+10+Skill+Luck+Dmg12+ATK per Level Excellent Battle Specter+11+Skill+Luck+ATK per level+Wiz Speed Excellent Sacred Gloves+13+Skill+Luck+Wiz Speed+Obtain Mana Excellent Knight's Blade+8+Skill+Luck+Dmg Opt16+Excellent DMG+Wiz Speed Excellent Staff of Resurrection+14+Luck+Excellent DMG+Obtain Life+Harmony Opt. Excellent Lightning Sword+2+Luck+Dmg12+Excellent DMG Excellent Rune Pad Boots+2+Luck+4%HP Excellent Heliacal Sword+4+Luck+Dmg Opt12+ATK2% Excellent Ancient Gloves+4+Luck+Def Opt16+4% Mana Wings: Wings Of Satan+6+Dmg Opt. Buying: Reguler Dragon Armor=5 Bless Each. Jewel of Soul=Offering Bless in a 1/4 Ratio. Level 3 Wings for Elf-*Send me Price in PM* Level 3 Wings for DL-*Send me Price in PM*