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The New Quest System- Choose Your Side !

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your charcter can join from level 400 , Gain Quests And advance in 


Queen Shila Dark Forces - Location Server 3 Tarkan 1
The Mages Faction - Location : Server 3 Ferra 

To Join Shila Dark Forces Mail Sir-Evil 
To Join The Mages Faction Mail Xernas 

Type The Word : Quest 
And You Will Be Summoned 


Thoes Bosses Are Fighting Each Other To Conquer The Arkan Bloodlines . 

So You Can Work For 1 Boss Only !

Enjoy ! 

Copy of Untitled (13).png


Copy of Untitled (17).png

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Awesome update thank you 🙂

just the period time of doing the quest is kind of slow, what i mean is you probably can do 1 quest daily but we need more information on when we can start the quests because alot of people working/and afk most of the day for leveling, so it would be nice to have a time zone on which we can request a quest from one of these bosses, like we have medusa/kundun/BC/CC ect'.


but over all this is a great update and nice thing for the game overall wish we had more of these kind of quests in the future.

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