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feedbacks about Arkan Bloodlines

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Hello brothers and girls 

we would like to hear your feedback about bloodlines Arkan 

Thank you & Best Regards !

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On 27.10.2021 at 23:20, Szczecin said:

Czy możesz napisać tę prośbę inaczej, ponieważ chyba nie rozumiem, co masz na myśli.


I do not know how I understood that I did not understand anything the Administrator asked for. So this time I am correcting and starting this story ..;)

 I would write a description of Arkan Bloodlines beforehand. When I came across www.bloodlines.mu on my first day
 I was sure something was stuck there. So I refreshed the page several times, believing that no homepage with a private Muonlines server is possible to be fully launched in just 2-3 seconds. And after reading the server settings and the description that: ,, here you have to work hard to achieve something. I asked myself:
Is it true that I have finally found a server that will eventually replace WebZen for me. Don't worry that one day it will just disappear ..?

Many people have tried their hand at it, but unfortunately, over time, almost everyone has realized that it is not such a request. You finally discover the truth that you are creating such a world on your own terms. It's very hard work that takes a lot of private time.
I remember myself sitting at the computer, after three hours I heard a woman's voice from behind my back:
- Maybe you can finish today. You sit and play for 3 hours.
At first, I wanted to strongly deny that this is not true. But I smiled to myself thinking that was one of the reasons I love the game. When, in fact, for 3 hours I did not move my character further than to the "first gate" from Devias's deposit, because from time to time someone asked about something, whether he wanted to tell about something, or show what he had bought or found a new one. So sometimes the game is played in such a way that it is not played. And the game continues;)


C.D.N ..

Ps. I wonder if you foresaw those characters standing in town with the description "MAX LV"
it was supposed to be long and hard ...
Hmm. interesting...
By running a MU world like this one can earn a lot of money. This game has a very big advantage, which is also its curse.
But you probably know what I mean ..;)

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