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Excellent Dark Phoenix Helm+15+Luck+Life Opt4+10%Def

Excellent Dark Phoenix Armor+15+Luck+Life Opt16+10%Def

Excellent Dark Phoenix Gloves+15+Luck+Life Opt12+4%Mana

Excellent Dark Phoenix Pants+15+Luck+Life Opt4+10%Def

Excellent Dark Phoenix Boots+15+Luck+Life Opt4+4%Mana

(Selling whole Offer Me.)



Excellent Conmocion Lance+14+Skill+Luck+Dmg Opt4+Obtain Mana

Excellent Arrow Viper Bow+10+Skill+Luck+Dmg12+ATK per Level

Excellent Battle Specter+11+Skill+Luck+ATK per level+Wiz Speed

Excellent Sacred Gloves+13+Skill+Luck+Wiz Speed+Obtain Mana

Excellent Knight's Blade+8+Skill+Luck+Dmg Opt16+Excellent DMG+Wiz Speed

Excellent Staff of Resurrection+14+Luck+Excellent DMG+Obtain Life+Harmony Opt.

Excellent Lightning Sword+2+Luck+Dmg12+Excellent DMG

Excellent Rune Pad Boots+2+Luck+4%HP

Excellent Heliacal Sword+4+Luck+Dmg Opt12+ATK2%

Excellent Ancient Gloves+4+Luck+Def Opt16+4% Mana




Wings Of Satan+6+Dmg Opt.






Reguler Dragon Armor=5 Bless Each.

Jewel of Soul=Offering Bless in a 1/4 Ratio.

Level 3 Wings for Elf-*Send me Price in PM*

Level 3 Wings for DL-*Send me Price in PM*



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Buying Level 3 Summoner Wings +Luck+2OPT.

Selling alot of wings/capes for chars, some with awesome OPT and some without PM if needed.

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Buying Ancient set for Ref/ Offering other sets/Bless/Wcoins.

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