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Long long time ago...

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I warmly welcome!!
My name is Szczecin and I come from very far away. I will tell you my hirtoria. But first a few words. to those behind the curtain ­čśë

The administrator responsible for creations. Elbeland sound background. It's a really classic song. And be careful.
But ... I kindly ask you to leave the original sound under the Land of "Acheron" and its subordinates to the Entrance Land of Debenter.
The original of these places is perfect in my opinion. And I was moved like 20 years ago by music from the lands of Noria and Devia :)

Ps. And the website.
1. First class. I've seen a lot of presentations. But this one wins them all.

Ps.2 Glad to discover this server. And I hope it will be the last time this time;)

Ps.3 Yes, I know. Already 3 days late with the description of my adventure with this terrible monster
So let me start like this:

... and finally I want to warn you about the existence of GM-ARKAN. It's a bad monster, but I'll tell you about it next time ..;)
CDN ... p

Ps and the end Sorry for the spelling (Google Translate)

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I don't get what are you trying to say..

if you have something bad to say about someone this is not the place to even start a conversation about it.

second of if you have a problem of some sort you can re-create your post on the GM's section so they can see the problem and see if its possible to solve/or not.

third of i kind of see some words that are trying to shame the administrator, Idk what kind of problem you have with him, and dont really care, but you need to understand one thing which is this is not the place to put your complain.


if you don't have anything good to say, and you want to start something that can bring a dispute with some of the Managing members then I can only tell you that would not work to your favour, Read what i wrote carefully, and think about it.


Have a great day/evening/night.

Yours Sincerely , Ross.

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On 6/11/2021 at 9:23 AM, Ross said:

Nie rozumiem, co chcesz powiedzie─ç...

Je┼Ťli masz co┼Ť z┼éego do powiedzenia o kim┼Ť, mo┼╝esz skorzysta─ç.

po drugie, je┼Ťli masz problem, mo┼╝esz odtworzy─ç post w sekcji GM, aby mogli zobaczy─ç problem i sprawdzi─ç, czy jest mo┼╝liwe do rozwi─ůzania problemu/lub nie.

po, widz─Ö kilka s┼é├│w, kt├│re pr├│buj─ů zawstydzi─ç, skoncentrowa─ç si─Ö na problemie, jaki masz obchodzi─ç mnie, ale musisz znale┼║─ç stron─Ö, aby nie mie─ç miejsca na sk┼éadaniu skarg.


Nie masz dobrego do powiedzenia, chcesz chcesz co┼Ť, co chcesz wywo┼éa─ç z moze by─ç mo┼╝e twego wyboru, aby ci moge dzia┼é─ç na poziomie, ┼╝e nie b─Ödzie na poziomie. Przeczytaj o pomy┼Ťle, co napisa┼éem i pomy┼Ťl tym.


Miłego dnia/wieczór/noc.

Z powa┼╝aniem Ross.


Przepraszamy, ale to jest nieporozumienie nie mia┼é nic z┼éego na my┼Ťli. Wr─Öcz przeciwnie. I┬áw rzeczywisto┼Ťci napisa─ç w dalszej┬ácz─Ö┼Ťci tego co zacz─ů┼éem, jak do GM-ARKAN, jest w rzeczywisto┼Ťci twoim zbawc─ů i dobroczy┼äc─ů. No ale niestety wujek google i jego t┼éumacz nie s─ů w stanie sobie z mojej interpretacji w formie opowie┼Ťci. Trudno, b─Öd─Ö musia┼é utrzymywa─ç si─Ö w sytuacji, gdy probanty s┼é├│w moich wypowiadach­čś×┬á┬á

Chyba, że... 

Znajdzie się dobra dusza, która przetłumaczy nie co co chciał bym napisać..;)

Jeszcze raz przepraszam za nieporozumienie i ┼╝ycz─Ö mi┼éego dnia ­čÖé


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17 minutes ago, Szczecin said:


oh I got it sorry for the assumption because i didnt really understand what you wrote thru google translate..

have a nice day brother ­čÖé

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.. 4 months later .....

Somehow lately, there hasn't even been time to get a new client. So that I can be and enjoy this magical world. And from what I can see, my intuition didn't fool me. and after 20 years of playing MU (off and on of course) I finally found a private server that the people on the other side know very well.

What to do..
How to do it
to make money on it ­čśë (it rhymed nicely in Polish)

 Many people have already tried. Especially when webzen introduced a "coin" into the game. Of course, you can make money on it, but contrary to appearances, it is not that easy. And I believe very few people realized the basic pros and cons of this game. There is one and the same fact ....................

And what convinced me the most that for the first time since the beginning of playing Mu, I do not miss Wige and Meya?

Exp. x1
 home page which opens in 2 seconds. in addition, it is nicely done

Ps. Yes, I felt that there were going to be changes to the interface. But I only bet in Lorenci. And here is such a bonus. and you even did it very well. Regards and ......


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